Astrophotography Workshops

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  • Bush camping experience all inclusive
  • Pickup and drop off from Kununurra, WA
  • Additional charges may apply for certain locations

Astrophotography Workshop Topics

Astro PhotographyUnderstanding the Milky wayCompositionLong Exposure PhotographyStar TrailsLight PaintingSocial MediaFreelance photographyPrinting

Lessons Out In Nature

Upgrade Your Astro Skills

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Yes I do weddings. Please shoot me an enquiry and I will send you the details of the package that I offer.

Please contact me. We can work out licensing any image for small and large commercial use.

Unfortunately I ceased facilitating bushwalks to pursue a career in photography. I can however offer advice on walks in the East Kimberley(As long as I am familiar with the area you are enquiring about).

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